Sudan seeks to boost wheat plantations to cut imports – Sudan Tribune

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Sudan Tribune Sudan seeks to boost wheat plantations to cut imports Sudan Tribune The deputy director of Sudan’s agricultural bank, Salah Hassan, said that wheat plantation project will kick off in the winter season adding that fertilizers and…

Akilade Ayotunde‘s insight:

This is an approach that has been tried and did not work- it amounts to thinking inside the box. Why does the planner seek to impose an involuntary restraint on the producers, when the market for the commodity is dynamic, not respecting national boundaries? The farmers should have an export marketing outlet that keys into the global market, so that the mechanisms which determine flows would work to mop up all their output. The bane of this approach is that after the first few harvests, the local farmers are no longer competitive even on the domestic market and large-scale imports resume, whereas left connected to international markets, there would have been that peculiar somebody somewhere, who would have found a use for their production, when brought to his attention. The name of the game is "Leave Your Options Open"..

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